Ballerz Recommended FPL Picks – Forwards

Hello Ballerz. Today, since the Premier League is resuming imminently, we have taken it upon ourselves to help you choose your Fantasy League team for the restart. There are be five posts available talking about the FPL, with one containing some tips for the remaining games and the other four containing recommended FPL buys. This list will contain players classified as forwards on FPL. The players in each list would be given a rating of 10 based on factors like ownership, fixture list, and expected performance. With that in mind, let’s look at the forwards.

All fantasy data such as ownership percentages, fixture difficulty rating, and other player-related data in this article were so as at 13th June 2020


1. Marcus Rashford – 9/10

Marcus Rashford probably thought his Golden Boot challenge would be over when he suffered an injury in January. Thanks to the break, though, he is now fit and his fixtures would indicate that he still has a chance to end this season as the league’s top goalscorer. He only has to face 3 teams in the top half of the table, with Sheffield’s game being at home, which contributes to his Fixture Difficulty Rating (FDR) being 2.7 out of 5, the tied-lowest in the league. He may also now play with Bruno Fernandes and Paul Pogba behind him, both players with immense creativity. And the cherry on top is that he is only owned by about 11% of Fantasy players, which may make him a real hidden gem.

2. Raul Jimenez – 9/10

Jimenez was on a run of impressive form before the break, with an average of 6.8 points per game, but there isn’t anything to say he can’t recreate that with his remaining 8 games. Wolves are facing 4 clubs in the top half in their final 8 games. However, their FDR still stands at 2.7, the tied-lowest of Premier League teams. He is also in the top 3 for the influence, creativity and threat scores of all forwards, giving him the highest ICT index of a forward. Finally, he only costs 8.1 million in the game, which isn’t necessarily breaking the bank.

3. Sergio Aguero – 8/10

Probably one of the greatest Premier League strikers ever, Aguero is always present in the list of top Premier League goalscorers. This season is no different, as he sits just behind Aubameyang in third place, and 2 goals behind Vardy in first. Where he has the advantage over Vardy, however, is in the fact that he has a game in hand against 9th placed Arsenal before also hosting Burnley. His FDR is also just 2.7, a rating which sees him play 6 of the bottom 8 teams. This is without taking into account his incredible record against the top 6 teams, so he may still put in a performance against teams like Liverpool and Chelsea. The only reason his rating is less than Rashford’s and Jimenez’s is because of his hefty price tag, which stands at 11.8 million, but he is a player that can always repay his price.

Other alternatives include:

  • Jamie Vardy – 7/10
  • Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – 7/10

If you want to see the other lists, the links will be down here:

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