Ballerz Recommended FPL Picks – Goalkeepers

Hello Ballerz. Today, since the Premier League is resuming imminently, we have taken it upon ourselves to help you choose your Fantasy League team for the restart. There are be five posts available talking about the FPL, with one containing some tips for the remaining games and the other four containing recommended FPL buys. This list will contain players classified as goalkeepers on FPL. The players in each list would be given a rating of 10 based on factors like ownership, fixture list, and expected performance. With that in mind, let’s look at the goalkeepers.

All fantasy data such as ownership percentages, fixture difficulty rating, and other player-related data in this article were so as at 13th June 2020.

1. Martin Dubravka – 8/10

Wow. I cannot believe this guy is so under the radar. I didn’t even know him before I started doing my research on this topic. Yet he is probably the best goalkeeper to get during this period and here is why. The Newcastle goalkeeper has the most saves in the league so far, 12 more than Leno’s 104. He also has the tied 5th most clean sheets in the league for a goalkeeper, with 9. He has the highest influence rating of a goalkeeper, and his FDR of 2.8 is excellent. This all contributes to him being the 4th best keeper overall, with 116 points. So imagine my surprise when I realized he was only present in … only 1.8% of teams. That is truly maddening. It’s rare where the best player in a position is a differential, but that seems to be how it is.

2. Rui Patricio – 8/10

Patricio has actually been a good goalkeeper this season. His run of games will give him a chance to garner more points before the seson finally. His FDR of 2.7 is the tied best in the league, and his 8 clean sheets is only 3 less than the highest for a goalkeeper. Very good potential to deliver from him.

3. David de Gea – 8/10

I can’t believe it either. But if statistics mean anything there is reason to believe de Gea might be one of the best keepers to acquire for the remainder of this season. His FDR of 2.7 is the tied-best in the league, and his 8 clean sheets is just 3 less than the highest for a goalkeeper. At this point I’ve practically copied and pasted Patricio’s description, but he gets the nod over de Gea due to the slightly higher saves and bonus points Patricio has.

Other goalies to consider include:

  • Alisson – 8/10
  • Kasper Schmeichel – 8/10
  • Nick Pope – 8/10

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