Ballerz Recommended FPL Picks – Midfielders

Hello Ballerz. Today, since the Premier League is resuming imminently, we have taken it upon ourselves to help you choose your Fantasy League team for the restart. There are be five posts available talking about the FPL, with one containing some tips for the remaining games and the other four containing recommended FPL buys. This list will contain players classified as midfielders on FPL. The players in each list would be given a rating of 10 based on factors like ownership, fixture list, and expected performance. With that in mind, let’s look at the midfielders.

All fantasy data such as ownership percentages, fixture difficulty rating, and other player-related data in this article were so as at 13th June 2020.


1. Kevin de Bruyne – 10/10

Kevin de Bruyne is currently the second best FPL player this season and shows little signs of stopping, with his 8 goals and 18 assists putting him in with a shout to be the PFA Player of the Season. His fixture list is very appealing, with a City’s FDR being 2.7, and after gameweek 32 it drops even further to 2.1. He tops the Influence and Creativity chart for midfielders, and also has the best ICT index overall. He has the tied-most bonus points this season with 23. And to top it off, de Bruyne will be participating in a double gameweek hosting Arsenal and Burnley. City won both fixtures away, and the Etihad has the 3rd best home record in the league. To put it simply, de Bruyne should be a must.

2. Mohamed Salah – 10/10

He needs no introduction. The Egyptian King is looking for a historic consecutive hat trick of Golden Boots and if he misses out, it probably won’t be for lack of trying. Even if that doesn’t work out, he is also on course to finish as the FPL Player of the Season for the 3rd time straight, which I guess is more important to us right now. Now, why do I say Salah? Firstly, Salah tops the Threat chart for midfielders and is 2nd to de Bruyne on influence. This gives him the 2nd best ICT index to de Bruyne. Liverpool have played and beaten every fixture they have left, be it home or away. Liverpool also have the best home and away records in the league, displaying their utter dominance this season. Salah has won the tied-most bonus points this season with 23. Finally, Salah has contributed to exactly a third of Liverpool’s 66 goals this season – amazing stuff from the Golden Boot holder.

3. Sadio Mane – 10/10

Let’s not forget Salah’s fellow African and shared Golden Boot holder. Sadio Mane has been just as influential as Salah this season and deserves his own praise. The man stands toe-to-toes with Salah on so many metrics despite playing 166 less minutes, showing how talented the Senegalese international is. But let’s get into said metrics. Mane is 3rd on the Influence chart and 4th on the Threat chart. He is 3rd on the overall ICT index, just behind Salah. He has the 3rd most bonus points this season with 22, just behind Salah. Mane actually has more goal contributions than Salah, with 23. And a random fact about Mane – last season, he scored 10 goals in his final 10 games en route to the Golden Boot. In comparison, Salah scored 5.

4. Anthony Martial – 8/10

United were blazing hot before the break, gathering 11 points in 5 games (2nd best form in the league). Martial wasn’t missing out on the party, with a form of 5.8 nothing to be laughed about. Couple it with United’s FDR of 2.7 and (relatively) cheap price of 8 million, and the availability of Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes and there’s no reason why Martial can’t be the one to make the difference for your FPL team. Of course, you can go for his slightly more owned and more expensive partner Bruno Fernandes, but Martial takes the cake for me.

Other alternatives I found include:

  • Heung-Min Son – 8/10
  • Dele Alli – 8/10
  • Bruno Fernandes – 8/10
  • Jack Grealish – 7/10

If you want to see the other lists, the links will be down here:

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