Setting up your Fantasy Premier League

Are you anticipating the return of the Premier League? Do not forget to set up your Fantasy before the restart of the Premier League. In this post, I will provide tips for your fantasy restart.

Catch a sneak peak of the Ballerz FC team at the bottom–which by the way is going to get at least 70 points.


It is now less than four days until the premier league returns. The anticipated return of the Premier League also means the return of Fantasy Football. Here are tips that will help you set up your team for the final nine game-weeks of the season.

If you do not have a wildcard, it is nothing to be concerned about. Fantasy Premier League is giving all managers unlimited transfers till the start of game-week 30. So you can perform a complete squad overhaul.

Let’s get on then.

The Double Gameweek

The following teams have double gameweeks, and here are the top picks from each of them.

  1. Manchester City – Kevin de Bruyne
  2. Sheffield United – John Lundstram
  3. Aston Villa – Jack Grealish
  4. Arsenal – Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Manchester City

These teams have a double gameweek, So it is advisable to get a few of their players in. I would recommend going with at least two heavy hitters from Manchester City, especially as they are particularly ruthless against Arsenal. My most profound apology goes to the Arsenal fans. Important to note though that City faces Chelsea and Liverpool immediately after their double game-week. But I fancy that there would still be some points to get from those matches. You should be looking at Agüero and de Bruyne. Sterling is also a differential for this gameweek – he is yet to find the back of the net this year though, and that matters though.

Aston Villa

Jack Grealish is a no-brainer for any manager. Valued at just 6.4 million, he is undoubtedly the most productive ‘midfield filler’ in fantasy football. Aston Villa’s last few games are extremely tough, but you can always count on Grealish be involved in most goals scored by Villa–he has already been involved in about 40 percent of Villa’s premier league goals this season.

Sheffield United

Sheffield United has had a breakthrough return to the premier league, most of which has been possible because of their solid defensive record and overlapping CB’s. They have conceded the second least goals this season–second to only Liverpool. I recommend that you consider John Lundstram and Dean Henderson when selecting your team. However, I have to warn that they have a considerably difficult fixture list after their double game-week, as they face three of the current top 6, Wolves, Burnley and Tottenham in their next six games. Wow!

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If you are a die-hard Arsenal fan or insist on getting at least one of their players for the restart, Aubameyang is worth the buy. A goal from him against City and a brace against Brighton are not far-fetched. If you want some negative points you can pick David Luiz as well. Arsenal fans don’t be mad.

This is the team(not starting line) I am going with for this week. Feel free to comment and ask questions.

If you want to see other posts for specific positions, the link will be down here:

Enjoy your game-week and be back for more tips next game-week.

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