Game-week 1 Report

France 0-0 Croatia

This was a gloomy match. The players appeared nervous as if they were terrified of playing the first official bluesteel match. The first half was tense, with several passes failing to hit their intended recipients. Charis had the best chance of the half when a mis-kick fell to his feet, but he squandered the opportunity wide. The second half was a lot more exciting, and France started to take control of the game. Despite dominating the second half, they were unable to break down a tenacious Croatian defence. Charis had the best chance of the game when he picked up a loose ball and fired the ball at Amako, but Amako brilliantly tipped his shot over the crossbar.

As the game grew tenser, Croatia decided to lock up shop. They brought a defender for Ewo to grind out a result. This was a brilliant tactical move from Neto as the game ended nil-nil.

Stat of the Day:

At the age of 12 years, 2 weeks, and 6 days, Makram Momoh becomes the youngest player in bluesteel history.

Other match of the day:

Belgium 1-1 Portugal.
Late in the game, Belgium’s young prodigy Clem equalized from a Buyi cross. The goal cancelled out an Elvis Chuck rebound goal from a Denrenle free kick which went off the crossbar.

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