Game-week 5 Report

Italy 0 – 1 Portugal

A goal from David Chukwudi assisted by captain Renle meant that his side secured qualification on the last day. The Italian team lineup caused a lot of talking points as many of their star players were out of position most notably Mammah playing as their 9. This didn’t affect their overall play too much however, as the team played well but Portugal had much more to play for and secured the victory.

Belgium 0 – 0 Croatia

Croatia knew a draw was enough to secure qualification and were laser focused on the task. They employed some Aranye (Sean Dyche) ball by killing the match before it even started. Belgium had numerous chances to score but they blew their opportunities and qualification chances too. Croatia manager, Neto, and team captain , Bare, would all be too pleased as the underdogs of the league had secured a place in the knockouts.

This brings an end to the BlueSteel league, with France, Croatia, Italy, and Portugal all advancing to the semis to see who can emerge victorious as the winners of the entire competition.

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