Hey! It’s Joel.

Have you ever had a task to do, but kept delaying to do it? Well, that was the story of this blog. After a year of planning, I finally made massive strides towards the process; the government-enforced stay-at-home order during the coronavirus outbreak gave me the time I needed to begin.

For as long as I can remember, I always loved soccer; Not necessarily playing it, even though I considered myself an able-goalkeeper. The more elaborate details of the game were what caught my attention. Formations, player roles, and post-match analysis were some of what drew me into the game.

In school, I had the opportunity to express my feelings about the game. Every day, we would engage in seemingly ‘unimportant and noisy’ soccer banter, arguing and debating over matters beyond control. But we loved the game. No cap. Whenever we were no longer satisfied with the gist available, we would go outsourcing on the web for new gist to fill our mouths.

‘Ah, I thought of that too!’

That was me whenever I read an opinion article on the web that shared similar or exact views with some I may have had previously had. This happened over and over again. I would discuss, with some of my fellow United fans, tactical changes I suspected the manager would make, only to see an article on the issue in a couple of days later. 

I thought I was at the peak of my soccer fanatism then I met The Football Manager 2020. The game had come up in numerous conversations I had with Jason–the first blogger I knew who partnered with me to start BallerzBantz. I had concluded that he exaggerated the game’s value until I decided to ‘splash out a hefty’ fifty dollars to acquire it legally. It became an investment I would never forget.

I’ll like to give a massive shout out to Adebanke, who helped me come up with the name.

I still do apologize to my fellow FM players, whom I did not permit to partake in my FM20 experiences.

I was practically thrust unto the threshold of one of the best soccer simulators in the world. The game allowed me to implement tactics that I had only imagined. And take control of my own team and make decisions that ever soccer fan would dream of. It is no surprise then that some legitimate managers also make use of the simulator. You can check out Villas-Boas…one of the games unluckier coaches.

I share the burden of a global push towards our ‘ideal society.’

However, the concept of the ideal society is similar to those economic concepts which are said to be unattainable, like a country having an optimum population. Nonetheless, just as efforts are still made by most countries to attain optimum population, I intend to play my part in the global push towards that ‘ideal society,’ one where everyone feels comfortable and secure within their space.

You’ve just read what the blog targets. If you have any questions, suggestions, comments, feel free share your thoughts.

Enjoy the blog.

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