Premier League Transfer Window: Ratings and Review

During this transfer window, so many Premier League teams adjust transfer strategies to cope with the financial climate, which the pandemic inflicted. Nonetheless, teams still made a fair amount of investment as they entire the hectic new campaign. Which teams do you think had the best transfer window? Read on and share your opinion inContinue reading “Premier League Transfer Window: Ratings and Review”

Manchester United’s Reality Check?

When the commentator mentioned that Mason Greenwood would be coming on at the start of the second half, it echoed the lack of depth up front for Manchester United. Greenwood had not trained with the team until two days ago; however, when the game needed chasing, Ole had no one else to call upon butContinue reading “Manchester United’s Reality Check?”

Game-week 30: Review

The return of the premier league was met with great fanfare. The game-week, which lasted for five days, gave fans the leisure of watching a game every day. It was a surreal experience for us all, maybe not for the Arsenal fans. There were still lots of moments to recall from the restart. I’ll beContinue reading “Game-week 30: Review”

Setting up your Fantasy Premier League

Are you anticipating the return of the Premier League? Do not forget to set up your Fantasy before the restart of the Premier League. In this post, I will provide tips for your fantasy restart. Catch a sneak peak of the Ballerz FC team at the bottom–which by the way is going to get atContinue reading “Setting up your Fantasy Premier League”

Premier League Restart

It has been three months since the coronavirus disease rendered the Premier League, along with most other leagues, ineffective. But after the long wait, the Premier League is set to return. And I know we all missed it. I did too. The return of our favourite teams may finally allay all our quarantine boredoms andContinue reading “Premier League Restart”