Football Manager 21: Beta Review

Thousands of Football Manager players, like me, were left frustrated and at the edge of our seats after SI delayed the release of the early access to the game. Throughout the wait, we had to bear with the incessant teasers from the FM Twitter account. Nevertheless, the wait was worth it, and the fans finallyContinue reading “Football Manager 21: Beta Review”

Football Manager 21 New Features – Part 1

Hello Ballerz! I recently wrote an article talking about the imminent release of FM21 (you can read it here if you haven’t seen it before). There, I said I would use separate articles to talk about the new features coming to FM. This is Part 1 of that group of articles. FM21 has grouped theirContinue reading “Football Manager 21 New Features – Part 1”

Football Manager 21 Release News

Hello Ballerz! This article has been a long time coming, but: Sports Interactive has announced the imminent release of Football Manager 21, easing concerns amidst scares during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the announcement, SI has released details about the game’s release date, price, playable devices and new features.  In this article, I will discuss someContinue reading “Football Manager 21 Release News”