What are Manchester United ‘cooking’ this season?

In anticipation of United’s season opener versus Brighton, this article will highlight some tactical elements they have employed during pre-season–focusing on the budding dynamics down the team’s right flank. Introduction For the past few years, Manchester United have been heavily left-side dominant. Most of our best players played or preferred playing there, and there hadContinue reading “What are Manchester United ‘cooking’ this season?”

Reclaiming Your Identity Through Decolonized Institutions

A few weeks ago, I phoned my mother and my aunt. Over the call, I quizzed them about my childhood. That discourse had brought me much conflict because I felt detached from some parts of my identity until that point. I could not own some facets of my identity because society, and the education itContinue reading “Reclaiming Your Identity Through Decolonized Institutions”

An Insight into Barcelona’s Future

10 years ago, I never thought I would have to write on a topic like this. While that is partially because 10 years ago I had no intention of writing, Messi’s imminent transfer to Paris Saint-Germain has left me, and the rest of the football world, deeply shocked. Not just because he left the club,Continue reading “An Insight into Barcelona’s Future”

PEDRI, Spain’s Latest Wonderkid

First published on People’s Daily News here Italy 1-0 Spain Once Italy took the lead, they returned to their roots–’catenaccio’, all men behind the ball. Spain could find no breakthrough. All their attempts to penetrate the Azzuri’s block were thwarted: misplaced passes, backpasses, cheeky fouls, time-wasting. Amidst this drab sequence, Martin Tyler found space toContinue reading “PEDRI, Spain’s Latest Wonderkid”

Barcelona’s Renaissance: A Glimmer of Hope Amidst Misfortune

Six months ago, it seemed as though Barcelona were at the brink of an implosion: Luis Suarez was forced out of the club in bizarre circumstances, Lionel Messi publicly expressed his desire to leave the club, the club’s finances were in tethers, the wound from the Munich tie was still fresh in their heads, allContinue reading “Barcelona’s Renaissance: A Glimmer of Hope Amidst Misfortune”

Leeds United: the Premier League’s Favourite Crackheads

Leeds United. No team in the Premier League is splitting headlines quite like them. After their heavy 6-2 loss to Manchester United, there are large sections of fans praising or defending the club–both for equally valid reasons. But I’m not here to talk about their in-game performances. I’m here to talk about the historic effectContinue reading “Leeds United: the Premier League’s Favourite Crackheads”

Why Individual Player Awards Should Not Exist

The 2020 FIFA The Best Awards were recently held in Zurich. As usual, they came with controversy: Hansi Flick failing to win FIFA’s Manager of the Year award is a travesty, and Manuel Neuer’s absence from the FIFPro Team of the Year, shortly after winning FIFA’s Goalkeeper of the Year award, probably needs a wholeContinue reading “Why Individual Player Awards Should Not Exist”

Premier League Transfer Window: Ratings and Review

During this transfer window, so many Premier League teams adjust transfer strategies to cope with the financial climate, which the pandemic inflicted. Nonetheless, teams still made a fair amount of investment as they entire the hectic new campaign. Which teams do you think had the best transfer window? Read on and share your opinion inContinue reading “Premier League Transfer Window: Ratings and Review”

Manchester United’s Reality Check?

When the commentator mentioned that Mason Greenwood would be coming on at the start of the second half, it echoed the lack of depth up front for Manchester United. Greenwood had not trained with the team until two days ago; however, when the game needed chasing, Ole had no one else to call upon butContinue reading “Manchester United’s Reality Check?”

BallerzBantz Sensible Transfers: Chelsea

Hello readers. My name’s Jason and today I plan on sharing my what I believe are the best transfers Chelsea can make for the next season. With the current season drawing to a close, the Blues currently sit in 4th place and are good value for a Champions League spot come the end of theContinue reading “BallerzBantz Sensible Transfers: Chelsea”