An Insight into Barcelona’s Future

10 years ago, I never thought I would have to write on a topic like this. While that is partially because 10 years ago I had no intention of writing, Messi’s imminent transfer to Paris Saint-Germain has left me, and the rest of the football world, deeply shocked. Not just because he left the club,Continue reading “An Insight into Barcelona’s Future”

PEDRI, Spain’s Latest Wonderkid

First published on People’s Daily News here Italy 1-0 Spain Once Italy took the lead, they returned to their roots–’catenaccio’, all men behind the ball. Spain could find no breakthrough. All their attempts to penetrate the Azzuri’s block were thwarted: misplaced passes, backpasses, cheeky fouls, time-wasting. Amidst this drab sequence, Martin Tyler found space toContinue reading “PEDRI, Spain’s Latest Wonderkid”