Ballerz Recommended FPL Picks – Defenders

Hello Ballerz. Today, since the Premier League is resuming imminently, we have taken it upon ourselves to help you choose your Fantasy League team for the restart. There are be five posts available talking about the FPL, with one containing some tips for the remaining games and the other four containing recommended FPL buys. This list will contain players classified as defenders on FPL. The players in each list would be given a rating of 10 based on factors like ownership, fixture list, and expected performance. With that in mind, let’s look at the defenders.

All fantasy data such as ownership percentages, fixture difficulty rating, and other player-related data in this article were so as at 13th June 2020.


1. Trent Alexander-Arnold – 9/10

It’s not everyday that you hear of a defender gathering more points than the majority of midfielders and forwards. At least, it wasn’t. Then Trent came along. The English fullback has been absolutely phenomenal this season, demonstrated by the statistics I’m about to show you now. And keep in mind as I go through these stats that he is just a defender, as unbelievable as it may sound. Alex-Arnold has the 3rd highest Creativity rating in the game, sitting just behind Maddison and well ahead of Grealish. He has the 3rd highest Influence rating, sitting ahead of Mane in that regard. His 14 assists on FPL are 2nd in the league, just behind de Bruyne. His 18 bonus points are the best of any defender or goalkeeper, and 4th best if you include midfielders. And finally, his total points are the 5th overall, sitting just behind Vardy by 1 point. The only reason I gave him a 9 out of 10 is because his price tag is the heftiest I have ever seen on a defender, with the 7.8 million really nothing to joke about. But look at it this way: he is cheaper than Maddison, Aubameyang, Mahrez and Richarlison; yet he has more points than all of them.

2. Virgil van Dijk – 8/10

To be honest, Trent Alex-Arnold is probably going to take the shine of off every other defender, but there are still other defenders worth buying, and one even shares the Liverpool badge with Trent. The 18/19 Player of the Season still proves he is one of the best defenders in the world and it’s easy to see why there’s an argument. van Dijk has gotten the most points from clean sheets, with 72. He also has the tied-most goals as a defender with 4. His influence is the 2nd best for a defender, with only Alex-Arnold beating him on that metric. He also has not missed a single minute for Liverpool this season, proving almost immune to rotation. His most significant advantage over Trent though (probably), is his significant 1.3 million drop in price, meaning he earns more points per million than even Trent.

3. Matt Doherty – 8/10

This may be a surprise, but hear me out. Doherty is probably the best differential available right now, and I’ll tell you why. His FDR of 2.7 is the tied-lowest in the league, and he is playing games against teams like Aston Villa and West Ham, 2 of only 4 teams to have conceded more than 50 goals this season. Doherty’s Threat rating is the highest of a defender, which is reflected by is tied-most goals for a defender with 4. He also has the tied 4th most assists for a defender, with 5. Finally, he is owned by a meagre 8% of the game, putting him in serious differential territory.

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